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Our Goal And Focus Is To Supply Free Quality Trading Resources And Educational Content, To Help Shape The Next Generation Of Traders.


Becoming A Trader Can Give YouThe Financial 
And Time Freedom You Desire, But There Will Be A Cost!

Are You Ready To Pay The Cost?

We need to realistic in our expectations.

If you want to have the potential to earn a 5 - 6 figure income per year!

You're going to need to give this the respect its due and be ready to sacrifice to achieve any level of success. 

We have 3 professions that will allow you to earn a similar income, pay attention to the time frames involved the debts obtained over the process of studying and the basic salary these individuals on average can expect to earn.  


5 + Years

Any aspiring lawyer will need to attend university for 5-6 years to gain the qualifications, to begin the process as a junior lawyer to begin earning 25 - 45k per year. Once promotions have taken place they will earn 100 - 150K per year.

Keep in mind the debt that was built up over this period of time. 

5 + Years

The minimum of a 5-year degree in medicine, recognised by the General Medical Council, followed by a 2-year foundation programme of general training. 2 years of core surgical training in a hospital. up to 6 years of specialist training.

You will need to include the debt that was built up over this period of time. 

Quantity Surveyor
3 + Years

Anyone looking at becoming a quantity surveyor will need to attend university for 3-4 years to gain the qualifications required to get an entry level position paying roughly 18 - 25K per year.
Management level surveyors can expect to earn between 50 - 80k per year. 

You will need to include the debt that was built up over this period of time. 


So Why Have I Highlighted These Professions And Time Periods Associated With Them?

Well There Is A Massive Amount of Miss Information Out There In The Social Trading Space. 

Im Not Saying It Will Take Your 3 - 5 years!

But It Will Take You Between 12 - 18 Months To Become A Competent Technical Analyst And Trader, That Is If You Commit A Lot Of Time And Effort To The Process!

If You Want A Quick Fix!

Trading Is Not The Place!

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