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Anatomy Of Price

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- Candle Stick Theory (In Detail)
- Candle open and closes
- Candle Deliver
- Candle Pattern within the patten
- Higher Time Frame Candles
- Price Delivery
- Discount and Premium Pricing
- Single Candles
- 2 Candle Patterns
- Multiple Candle Patterns

20+ Videos to support each topic and section.

TBFXC Gateway Program

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Phase 1

- Market Conditions 
- Institutional Price Levels 
- Market Structure
- Strong/Weak Highs and Lows
- Efficient vs Inefficient Pricing
- Pull Back Theory (Predict Retacements)
- Discount and Premium Pricing

Phase 3

Phase 2

- Supply and Demand (Basic)
- LPD Theory
- LPS Theory
- Liquidity Concepts
- Trading Session's Theory
- Rebalancing Price Legs
- Daily Candle Theory 
- RSI edge

- WO's
- WBR's
- IBR's
- Inducement Theory
- Volume Profile
- Hedging
- Top Down Analysis
- Risk Entries
- Conformation Entries
- Back Testing

You will have learned all the concepts you required to implement one of our 3 proven strategies. Unlike most education material released, you will not need to go off on your own and figure out a strategy. 
You will have the chance to gain access to 3 of our proven strategies.

Strategy Series


Origin Strategy Pack

H4 Pending order Strategy 

Video Series walking you through exactly how to implement the origin pending order strategy in it's entirety.
Back testing walk through will be included along with 


Element Strategy Pack

This strategy can either work as a scale in position for the origin strategy or a stand along strategy.
This is still a pending order strategy.

Video series walking through exactly how to implement the Element Strategy. 
Back testing walk through
Halo Indicator

Bulldog Strategy Pack

This is a day trading strategy.
This is still implements pending orders.

Complete Strategy video course.
Back testing walk through.
Bulldog indicator. 

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